2013 – History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences in the South Cone

This volume is – with minor changes – the English version of Ciências da Vida: Estudos Filosóficos e Históricos. It is composed of refereed and, in some cases, opportunely modified contributions made by members of the Association of Philosophy and History of Science in the South Cone, some of them who are unfortunately no longer among us.

2013 – Ciencias de la vida: estudios filosóficos e históricos

El presente libro se trata de la segunda edición de Ciencias de la Vida: Estudios Filosóficos e Históricos. Está compuesto por las contribuciones evaluadas y, en algunos casos, oportunamente modificadas de miembros de la Asociación de Filosofía e Historia de la Ciencia del Cono Sur, algunos de los cuales, lamentablemente, ya no se encuentran entre nosotros.

2012 – Actas del I Congreso de la Asociación Iberoamericana de Filosofía de la Biología

  • Diéguez, A., Claramonte, V., Alcolea, J., Caponi, G., Etxeberría, A., Lorenzano, P., Marcos, A., Martínez Contreras, J. y A. Rosas (eds.), Actas del I Congreso de la Asociación Iberoamericana de Filosofía de la Biología, Valencia: Publicacions de la Universitat de València, 2012. ISBN: 978-84-370-9040-5.

Se trata de la edición de las Actas del I Congreso de la Asociación Iberoamericana de Filosofía de la Biología, realizado en Valencia, España, los días 28-30 de noviembre de 2012.

Acceda a las Actas.

2010 – History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, Vol. 4

Table of Contents

Volume 4

Mariconda, Pablo R., The Control Of Nature And The Origins Of The Dichotomy Between Fact And Value  1

Canaparo, Claudio, Science And Empire: The Geo-Epistemic Location Of Knowledge  20

Gómez, Ricardo J., What Is That Thing Called Philosophy Of Technology?  47

Tully, Claus J., Transitions From Function-Oriented To Effect-Oriented Technologies – Some Thoughts On The Nature Of Modern Technology  82

Broncano, Fernando, Technical Agency And Sources Of Technological Pessimism  113

Goonatilake, Susantha, Non-Western Science – Mining Civilizational Knowledge  132

Salomon, Jean-Jacques, Social Sciences, Science Policy Studies, Science Policy-making  158

Cozzens, Susan E., Science and Technology Policy Professionals: Jobs, Work, Knowledge, and Values  176

Bowker, Geoffrey C., The New Knowledge Economy and Science and Technology Policy  189

Kotchetkov, Vladislav P., Science and Technology Policy in UNESCO: A Historical Overview   208

Matthewman, Steve, Technology  233

Funtowicz, Silvio, O’Connor, Martin, & Shepherd, Iain, Science, Governance, Complexity, and Knowledge Assessment  253

Nath, Bhaskar, Need for Environmental Research  282

Davis, C., Vigneswaran, S., Kandasamy, J., & Chanan, A., Urban Wastewater Treatment: Past, Present And Future  308

2010 – History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, Vol. 3

Table of Contents

Volume 3

Díez, José A., History Of Measurement Theory  1

Hess, Peter Otto, Historical Review of Elementary Concepts in Physics  33

Hansen, Vagn Lundsgaard, Mathematics through Millenia  51

Soutas-Little, Robert W., History of Continuum Mechanics  77

Walters, Kenneth, History of Rheology  90

García de la Sienra, Adolfo, Philosophy Of Economics  106

López Peláez, Antonio, The Socio-Economic Aspects of Technology  135

Strydom, Piet, Philosophies of the Social Sciences  156

Salmon, Merrillee H., Social Sciences: Historical And Philosophical Overview Of Methods And Goals  186

Olivé, León, Introduction To Ethics Of Science And Technology  210

Lacey, Hugh, The Ethics Of Science And Technology  258

Airaksinen, Timo, The Philosophy of Professional Ethics  292

Matsuura, Koichiro, Ethics and Science  308

2010 – History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, Vol. 2

Table of Contents

Volume 2

Rheinberger, Hans-Jörg, A Short History Of Molecular Biology  1

Holdgate, Martin, A History of Conservation  32

Doran, Naill E., & Richardson, Alastair M. M., History of Biodiversity Conservation, Protected Areas and The Conservation Movement  55

Meadows, Michael E., Biogeography  89

Sala, María, Theory and Methods in Geography  120

Nash, Stephen E., The History of Archaeology  139

Brevik, Eric C., A Brief History of Soil Science  160

Longair, Malcolm, A History of Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology  185

Lastovicka, Jan, Novotny, Oldrich, & Jelinek, Emil, Foundations of Geophysics and Geochemistry  311

2010 – History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, Vol. 1

Table of Contents

Volume 1

Lorenzano, Pablo, Logic and Methodology of Science: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science  1

Moulines, C. Ulises, The Nature and Structure of Scientific Theories  51

Allen, Garland E., Natural Science  99

Hoyningen-Huene, Paul, & Schaber, Peter, Incommensurability of Knowledge: Theories and Values  134

Agazzi, Evandro, Science and Religion  149

Lemeni, Adrian, Scientific Knowledge And Religious Knowledge – Significant Epistemological Reference Points  185

Rodríguez, Víctor R., Episodes of XX Century Cosmology: A Historical Approach  201

Smith, John E., A Concise History of Biotechnology – Some Key Determinants  228

Francois, Charles Oscar, History and Philosophy of the Systems Sciences: The Road Toward Uncertainty  270

Regner, Anna Carolina K. P., The Structure Of The Darwinian Argument In The Origin Of Species  302