2000 – Erich Tschermak: supuesto ‘redescubridor’ de Mendel

  • “Erich Tschermak: supuesto ‘redescubridor’ de Mendel”, Epistemología e Historia de la Ciencia, vol. 6, nº 6 (2000): 251-258.

Siguiendo con lo realizado en anteriores artículos, en los que he intentado mostrar que la “historia oficial” de la genética, tanto en lo que respecta a Mendel (el “padre fundador”) como a de Vries y Correns (dos de los “redescubridores”), no es sino un mito, en el presente artículo examino el trabajo de Tschermak (el tercero y último de los “redescubridores”), tratando de mostrar las diferencias entre sus propuestas y las de Mendel o las que a él se le atribuyen bajo el nombre de “genética mendeliana”.

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2000 – Classical Genetics and the Theory-Net of Genetics


This article presents a reconstruction of the so-called classical, formal or Mendelian genetics, which is intended to be more complete and adequate than existing reconstructions. This reconstruction has been carried out with the instruments, duly modified and extended with respect to the case under consideration, of the structuralist conception of theories. The so-called Mendel’s Laws, as well as linkage genetics and gene mapping are formulated in a precise manner while the global structure of genetics is represented as a theory-net. These results are of methodological, philosophical and didactical relevance.

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2000 – The Logical Structure of Classical Genetics

  • “The Logical Structure of Classical Genetics” (escrito con Wolfgang Balzer), Journal for General Philosophy of Science 31, n° 2 (2000): 243-266.

SUMMARY. We present a reconstruction of so-called classical, formal or Mendelian genetics using a notation which we believe is more legible than that of earlier accounts, and lends itself easily to computer implementation, for instance in PROLOG. By drawing from, and emending, earlier work of Balzer and Dawe (1986, 1997), the present account presents the three most important lines of development of classical genetics: the so-called Mendel’s laws, linkage genetics and gene mapping, in the form of a theory-net. This shows that the set theoretic representation format used in the structuralist approach to the philosophy of science also applies to the domain of genetic theories. The reconstruction is intended to lend more clarity to the methodological, philosophical and didactical discussions of the foundations of genetics, and on the other hand to defend a formally, logically minded view of theories which seems to have become contested through the work of Feyerabend, Kuhn and Kitcher.
Key words: axiomatization, classical genetics, fundamental laws, genetics, structuralism

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