2016 – “Meta-Theoretical Contributions to the Constitution of a Model-Based Didactics of Science”

  • “Meta-Theoretical Contributions to the Constitution of a Model-Based Didactics of Science” (escrito con Yefrin Ariza y Agustín Adúriz-Bravo), Science & Education (2016). DOI: 10.1007/s11191-016-9845-3. ISSN: 0926-7220 (Print), 1573-1901 (Online).


There is nowadays consensus in the community of didactics of science (i.e. science education understood as an academic discipline) regarding the need to include the philosophy of science in didactical research, science teacher education, curriculum design, and the practice of science education in all educational levels. Some authors have identified an ever-increasing use of the concept of ‘theoretical model’, stemming from the so-called semantic view of scientific theories. However, it can be recognised that, in didactics of science, there are over-simplified transpositions of the idea of model (and of other metatheoretical ideas). In this sense, contemporary philosophy of science is often blurred or distorted in the science education literature. In this paper, we address the discussion around some meta-theoretical concepts that are introduced into didactics of science due to their perceived educational value. We argue for the existence of a ‘semantic family’, and we characterise four different versions of semantic views existing within the family. In particular, we seek to contribute to establishing a model-based didactics of science mainly supported in this semantic family.


Didactics of Science; Theoretical Model; Contemporary Philosophy of Science; Semantic View

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